Up Your Gaming: Maximizing Internet Speed in Rural Areas

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Gaming has become a popular pastime for people of all ages. With the rise of eSports, online multiplayer games, and streaming platforms like Twitch, having a reliable and fast internet connection is more important than ever. However, achieving a high-quality internet connection for gaming can be challenging for those living in rural areas.

Ways to Get an Internet Connection

There are a couple of ways to get access to the internet in rural areas:

     1.Fixed Wireless Internet

Fixed wireless internet is one of the best options for those living in rural areas. This internet service uses radio signals to transmit data between a local access point (usually a tower connected to fiber) and a receiver installed at your home.

Fixed wireless can provide up to 50 Mbps speeds, and has very low latency. Often times, fixed wireless companies (like Conifer) are run by gamers who optimize the network to allow them to have the best gaming experience.

However, the availability of fixed wireless internet depends on the line of sight of a local access point, and the signal quality can be affected by factors such as terrain.

  1. Satellite Internet

One of the most widely available options for rural gamers is satellite internet. Satellite internet relies on a satellite dish installed at your home that communicates with satellites orbiting the earth to provide internet access.

While satellite internet can reach speeds of up to 100 Mbps, the latency (the time it takes for data to travel from your home to the server and back: earth to space to earth and back again) tends to be quite high, making real-time gaming difficult. 

  1. DSL Internet

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) internet uses your existing phone lines to transmit data at up to 100 Mbps. While this option may not be as fast as cable or fiber-optic internet, it is typically more accessible in rural areas.

Latency with DSL internet is generally lower than with satellite, making it a better option for online gaming. Keep in mind that the actual speeds and performance of DSL can vary depending on the distance to the nearest central office and the quality of the phone lines.

  1. Mobile Hotspot

Using a mobile hotspot can be another alternative for rural gamers. A mobile hotspot is a portable device that connects to a cellular network and shares its internet connection with other devices.

Depending on the coverage and strength of the cellular signal, mobile hotspots can provide 4G LTE speeds and relatively low latency. Unfortunately, data limits and potential throttling can be significant drawbacks for heavy gamers, and the speeds may not be consistent enough for competitive online gaming.

Tips for Getting the Best Internet Speeds

Apart from getting an internet connection, here are some important tips to find and get the best speeds:

  1. Research Available Providers

Spend time researching the internet service providers available in your area. Compare their speeds, latency, and data limits to determine which option best suits your gaming needs. And see if there are any company whose staff can relate to your gaming needs.

  1. Test Your Connection

Use online tools like Speedtest.net to check your internet speed and latency. This will give you a better understanding of your current connection’s suitability for gaming and help you make an informed decision about upgrading or switching providers.

  1. Optimize Your Gaming Setup

Invest in a high-quality router and ensure your gaming devices are connected via Ethernet cables, if possible. This can help reduce latency on the system within your home and improve your overall gaming experience.

  1. Monitor Your Data Usage

If your internet plan has a data cap or you use a mobile hotspot, monitor your data usage to avoid overage charges or throttling.

  1. Consider a Gaming VPN

Finally, a gaming VPN (Virtual Private Network) can help reduce latency and improve connection stability. However, be sure to research and choose a VPN provider specializing in gaming and offering servers near your location.


While rural gamers may face challenges when it comes to finding fast and reliable internet, there are options available that can provide a satisfactory gaming experience.

By researching available providers, optimizing your gaming setup, and considering alternative solutions like mobile hotspots and gaming VPNs, you can improve your internet connection and enjoy your favorite online games without interruption!

Conifer Communications is an internet service provider offering great connectivity solutions to ensure every home or enterprise gets the necessary internet connection. If you are looking for the best internet service provider in California for high-speed internet, contact us today.

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