Our Sincere Apologies for the Recent Outages and How We’re Working to Fix It


A Personal Message from Sonja and an Update from The Conifer Crew

Dearest customers,

You have our sincerest apologies for the recent outages that you have experienced with your service and for the silence that you may have experienced from us if you are not able to follow our Facebook updates.

Please know none of this has been intentional or excusable.

Here is what has happened so far and how we are working to fix it:

On Monday, February 27th, the storm took out primary power (PGE) to many of our sites, causing said sites to fall back on battery, solar, or generator backup.

On the afternoon of the 27th, lightning strikes, unfortunately, took out three of our key towers quickly.

When the storm subsided, we could access some of our sites remotely. Still, we could not physically access many key sites due to deep snowfall—despite our teams’ efforts in hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, etc.

Early Tuesday 28th, a collapsed tree took down our upstream fiber connection (which is still down as of now, March 3rd, 2023).

Unfortunately, our backup connection to our servers was one of the inaccessible towers affected by the lightning strikes.

This took out our key servers, which control the system and house our email and phone systems, which meant until it was repaired, we had no way of communicating with you beyond social media (Facebook).

This also meant that our customers could not leave us voicemails until repaired.

We spent the rest of Tuesday and Wednesday battling the storm, trying to hike in multiple feet of snow and clear downed trees to get to tower sites, rescue stranded company vehicles, and dig out buried equipment.

Those days exhausted us with as many steps back as forward.

On Thursday, with the aid of the sunshine, we made it to many of the towers and built a new backup connection to our servers, which are currently powered by generators.

This day also saw our teams helping our greater community by helping to rescue a snowbound woman in need of medical aid.

We are thankful to have been in the right place at the right time.

Thursday night, we continued to repair lightning-fried components to keep the servers connected.

This morning (Friday, 3/3), we got the generator refilled at the backup connection tower and back up the system.

We will continue to do repairs on down sites today and all through this weekend of storms and return calls to you.

How we move forward from here:

Our first goal is to get every home and business back online.

Following this, we will be working on providing credits and the like.

While this storm is an act of God, and we are not legally required to pay for down service, we are doing so to help make this right by our standards.

We will be looking to provide downtime credits for every active customer.

However, at this time, we request that you only call us if there is a service issue that needs our attention to fix.

We will handle credits and billing issues after repairing our network and customer homes and businesses.

Lastly, we will put in triple redundancy on our servers so we are never entirely out of communication with you.

This step will take some time, but it is a key priority for our leadership.

We are sure that there is some information that we may have forgotten to include.

We will be posting and/or emailing updates as needed.


-The Conifer Crew

A personal message from me (Sonja):

I want to thank our team for doing everything they have to get service repaired.

They have been away from their families, with the techs and tower team snowshoeing through feet of snow carrying generators, dishes, shovels, and survival gear up mountains to towers.

The office staff has coordinated repairs, equipment, and personnel to keep everyone safe.

We know you are frustrated with what has happened, but please direct that frustration at me and the storm and not the crew who returns your calls or is out there getting you fixed.

Thank you.

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